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Avant Solar employ a rigorous process to ensure the system design is optimised for your business, this includes optimising power production, load matching and maximising the return on investment.

The Avant team can also work with you to identify opportunities to save power and reduce the cost of the power you do purchase through our consultative process.

Contact our commercial team today to start saving your business bottom line. Below are some examples of our recent projects including Government, SME and Local council.

We offer a large range of modules and inverters to suit every application.  

Why go solar?

It saves you money. The initial price will soon be overtaken by the savings in your electricity bill.

Solar adds value to your home, increasing resale value. It's quite the investment.

Solar panels protect you from rising energy costs, since you use less power from the grid.

It's good for the environment! Solar is clean energy that benefits both you and the environment.

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6018080 336031 SP PLUS Energy Centre Photo webGrid Backup

Power is playing a bigger part in our lives every day as we get more appliances, most businesses grind to a halt if the power fails.

Recent severe weather has highlighted vulnerabilities in our power infrastructure.

A backup power system is insurance against lost business or product in a power failure.

Avant Solar can custom design a backup power system to suit your business.

With or without solar power these systems will help you keep going when everyone else is in the dark, contact the professional Avant Solar design team today for a system to suit your needs.

Contact us about Grid Backup

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Off Grid

The best location for a commercial project is not always well serviced by utilities, this doesn't reduce the requirement for power. Business doesn't continue without lighting, air conditioning, computers and communications devices which all require a reliable power supply.

Avant Solar can design a solar power system to suit any application from a small standalone system for a communications site to a full hybrid power system for a remote camp. We are accredited with Selectronic to design, install and commission their high quality Australian made inverters designed for reliable power in remote parts of Australia - Talk to our team about a system to suit your needs today.

Selectronic SP ProSelectronic SP Pro

The SPPro is the inverter that can do just about everything - except make your coffee! It can operate in off grid mode, grid backup mode or mobile mode with or without solar.

Not just an inverter, but a fully interactive inverter charger. The SPPro can take power from many sources and manage battery charging.

The SPPro is an incredibly comprehensive product with a range of size and configuration options available to provide power for almost any application. The inverter can be configured for use in areas where power is not available at all (off grid) where there is not enough power available for the site requirements (grid support) where power is not reliable (grid backup) or in a mobile application or temporary camp.

The SPPro is more than just an inverter it is a fully interactive battery charger that can synchronise with most power sources to battery charge or parallel with the source. The SPPro can even take control of a generator to form the heart of a comprehensive power system.

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