At Avant we are monitoring the evolution of storage products, we are in exciting times with lots of developments.

There are some really great products on the market now and some exciting ones coming, talk to us about the best storage product for your needs.

What is Energy Storage?

Energy Storage refers to a battery array installed at your house (usually in the garage). It interfaces directly with your solar panels, storing the energy for later use. Recent advancements in battery technology have reduced prices considerably!

Power is playing a bigger part in our lives every day as we get more appliances, often without power we can't complete basic tasks like cooking, heating water or keeping our food cold.

For people in rural areas power can be essential for simple essentials like water supply - which is not only crucial for consumption and household use but also a key part in defending the home and surrounds from fire.

Authorities have made it very clear that power and water are not guaranteed in an emergency and power may well be switched off for the safety of emergency services crews, this can also impact water supplies in large incidents.

Grid backup systems are incredibly flexible and can be designed to handle almost any load from a few lights to a whole home, our team will work through your loads to size the system to suit the amount of power you need and the length of time you want independence in the event of a network outage.

A backup system can also be used to support the network in areas where there is insufficient capacity or to optimise tariffs and further minimise power bills.

battery storage infographicIntegrating with your solar

Our Avant Solar Energy Storage systems integrate directly into your existing solar panel setup. The energy storage simply sits in the middle - providing information through it's control panel and storing energy for later use!

Matching new energy storage to your existing panels

Our team of experts will analyse your consumption, future expansion and your existing panel setup to provide a matching storage solution. There will be a sweet spot - let us find it for you!

Ensuring compatibility

We take the hassle out of matching compatible storage to existing panel systems. Rest assured our dedicated, experienced team will only recommend compatible products.

Future proofing your new setup

Our modular energy storage solutions future-proof your setup - taking into account future expansion, extra panels, increased power usage and more!

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