One size doesn't fit all

At Avant Solar we customise our solar systems to suit every family. You don't want to install a system that is too small and then again you don't want to install a system that is too big! By looking at your day time consumption we will recommend the correct size system to maximise your benefits.

Our hand picked staff, selected for their experience, committment and ability to provide a premium service, are the best in the industry. This enables us to respond to our customers needs with the best possible advice, service and dedication. We endeavour to establish a personal connection with our customers to better understand their needs.

This ensures we provide the best advice for our customers situation rather than just trying to sell whichever standardised package deal is advertised at that time.

Top 4 reasons for residential solar

New high-efficiency panels offer more electricity and higher return on investment.

Solar is clean energy and uses a renewable source: the sun. Your panels produce no harmful emissions. 

Protect yourself from rising energy costs - purchasing solar effectively fixes your energy price.

Add value to your home and increase its desirability when it comes time to sell or rent.

LG Solar

The fourth generation solar panels benefit from years of LG research. LG solar panels have seen many improvements that really matter, from longer warranties and higher efficiency to stronger framing and increased wind loading. The high quality is the result of LG's strong commitment to developing a module that delivers reliable, high output for decades for a peace of mind solar solution.

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LG NeON™ 2


lg neon 2 black

LG NeON™ 2 Black


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Meet the future - Energy Storage!

Previously a pipe dream, battery storage is now here...

Introducing: Avant Energy Storage

Power is playing a bigger part in our lives every day as we get more appliances, often without power we can't complete basic tasks like cooking, heating water or keeping our food cold.

For people in rural areas power can be essential for simple essentials like water supply - which is not only crucial for consumption and household use but also a key part in defending the home and surrounds from fire.

Avant is now offering energy storage for residential purposes. Visit our Energy Storage page to find out more!

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Find more information at our Energy Storage page.

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