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Fronius IG Plus

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The latest in the Fronius range and building on the success of the IG series, the IG Plus series is the solution for larger power systems. The IG Plus has also lead the way with the first 3 phase inverter for 5kW systems. This is an excellent product to comply with both Western Power and Synergy regulations and guidelines.

The IG Plus is the big brother to the IG series and capitalises on the strong history of the IG series.

The IG Plus has a range from 2.5kW to 12kW and includes 3 phase options, offering all the safety of a high frequency transformer. Most models also offer the efficiency of the Fronius Mix concept which operates as many power stages as the load requires.

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Fronius Galvo

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Fronius introduces the brand new Fronius Galvo!

System owners are amazed by the attractive new low-profile design, integrated Wi-Fi* with included Fronius Solar.web monitoring portal and Fronius smart phone app, the touch sensitive display, and quiet high performance. The new Fronius Galvo creates convenience and sets the industry standard in installation, service and overall ownership.

The Fronius Galvo is the first and only Wi-Fi* enabled, super lightweight residential inverter that disrupts the residential solar market by providing a list of features never before seen in the solar industry. With the revolutionary Fronius SnapINverter hinge mounting system, which allows for a single person installation in record time, it is no wonder that installers are demanding the Fronius Galvo more than any other string inverter currently available. The Fronius Galvo provides an extra wide voltage window allowing for upmost flexibility in string design. The industry leading Fronius Service Provider program allows full service in under 15 minutes by one installer with one truck roll.


Selectronic SP Pro

Download: Selectronic Datasheet

The SPPro is the inverter that can do just about everything except make your coffee! It can operate in off grid mode, grid backup mode or mobile mode - with or without solar.

Not just an inverter, but a fully interactive inverter charger. The SPPro can take power from many sources while managing battery charging.

The SPPro is an incredibly comprehensive product with a range of sizes and configuration options available to provide power for almost any application. The inverter can be configured for use in areas where power is not available at all (off grid), where there is not enough power available for the site requirements (grid support), where power is not reliable (grid backup), or in a mobile application or temporary camp.

The SPPro is more than just an inverter. It is a fully interactive battery charger that can synchronise with most power sources to battery charge or parallel with the source. The SPPro can even take control of a generator to form the heart of a comprehensive power system.

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